Marion Bermuda Race will not be Offering a Two day Safety at Sea Course

2020 has been a year of adaptation, and as you might imagine the planning for the 2021 Marion Bermuda Race is no different. The Organizing Authority is optimistic that the world we live in will be sufficiently safe to enjoy another Race to the Rock in 2021, but the planning has had to adapt based on specific opportunities to prepare. One the the check boxes we all have is the successful completion of a Safety at Sea course for captain and crew. This year will be slightly different as the Marion Bermuda Race will not be offering their normal biennial two day Safety at Sea Course nor will the CCA be offering the second day hands-on course prior to the race. Because of this, skippers and their crews will not have the ability to attend a US Sailing certified Safety at Sea course to qualify for the World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Course certification that was required for 30% of the crew in 2019. So...we adapt. Though certification for the crew is still required, the new requirement for those who aren't currently certified will be a partial rollback to the 2017 requirements. The race is giving all who need the Safety at Sea certification for 2021 a number of options to meet the 2021 requirements. So if you haven't successfully completed the World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Course in the last five years, please go to to understand what your options are for 2021. This change (adaptation) will only be valid for the 2021 race. Hope to see you on the starting line on June 18, 2021.