Copilot Request Form

We’re here to help you prepare. We have a group of skippers standing by, ready to answer questions and assist future race participants with their preparations. Our copilots are available by phone, email and when mutually convenient, in-person meetings. We can even arrange an informal inspection of your boat well in advance of the race to identify improvement opportunities or deficiencies, and how to approach them. You can even do this the prior summer!

The program is informal. Each new entrant brings particular areas of experience and expertise and also diverse needs. Our overall mission is to welcome sailors who have always wanted to experience an adventure like the Marion to Bermuda race with a single goal: To get you to the starting line followed by a safe passage to Bermuda in a properly prepared boat.

Many skippers say preparation can be one of the most challenging aspects of the race. It need not be. The Marion Bermuda Race Copilot program will help you make the most efficient use of your preparation time by letting you consult with people who have “been there and done that,” often many times.

Please let us know of your interest in the Race as soon as possible - and if you would like to be paired with a copilot, we will connect you. Either use the link at the top of this page or send an e-mail to  and we will match you up with a partner.

Roy Greenwald

Participation Chair/Mentoring

Roy Greenwald