If you are a first-time participant, or just considering joining our race, let’s start with a “Welcome Aboard!” and an invitation to take advantage of our Copilot Program. We believe that everything you need to learn about our race and successfully navigate our entry process can be found on our website. But it can be a bit overwhelming and/or confusing the first time. SO…we want to offer some help with that.

The Marion Bermuda Race has created a Copilot Program to offer someone to work alongside of you, answering any of your questions. If you request a copilot, we will select one of our past or current skippers who has volunteered to fill this role. The copilot’s role is to help you navigate the steps necessary to get you to the starting line and safely to Bermuda. You may want to first read the Notice of Race, Safety Requirements and the Preparation sections on the website, which should have much of what you are seeking. Note that documents posted for the 2019 race contain information that is very  similar to the soon-to-be-posted documents for the 2021 race.

For a one-on-one connection you can rely on, just send an email to with the subject “Looking for a Copilot” and someone will be in touch with you. Let us know about your boat and where you live since we try to assign skippers near your area and with similar sized boats whenever possible. Hope to see you at the starting line!

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