NA-23 Defiance Day 2

CO: The weather is beautiful right now Our towed array has been deployed, and sonar reported one contact designated "Sierra 1" off the starboard bow I have notified maneuvering to make turns for 30kts

XO: The crew is in high spirits after absolutely cooking down the racetrack the past 12 hours, though they are a little worse for wear The spinnaker incident has given the boat leadership a nice assortment of bruises, blood blisters, and sore bodies Ensign Signorelli has sure earned his hazardous sea duty pay It was discovered that the crew has just been throwing their foul weather gear in a pile, much to the chagrin of the CO and XO Strict discipline has been installed by the XO by placing offending midshipmen on bread and water rations for the following 12 hours We are ready to duke it out with the other sloops-of-war as we converge on the island

NAV: Water temperature has indicated that we have hit the Gulf Stream Navigation theory #26 that we were being set towards Canada has been debunked Running fixes off the sun have been our consistent from of navigational reference It has become my favorite star

Supply: We are out of silver ware, aluminum foil, apples, paper towels, and we are on our last box of gogurts I fear that toilet paper may be the next to go

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