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Third, Class D ROUST, Ian Gumprecht
Second, Class D TRUST ME, Jeff Dowling
First, Class D TI, Gregg Marston
Third, Class C ATTITUDE, Shawn Dahlen
Second, Class C BLACK MALLARD, Tracy Day McRoberts
First, Class C SILHOUETTE, David Caso
Third, Class B INTEGRITY, Tom Wester
Second, Class B DEFIANCE, Jared Valeske
First, Class B SWIFT, Kyle Briggs
Third, Class A DEFIANCE, Peter Noonan
Second, Class A ARIEL, Bob Anderson
First, Class A MARGALO, Chip Johns
L. Byron Kingery Short-Handed Trophy TRUST ME, Jeff Dowling
Double-Handed Trophy ROUST, Ian Gumprecht
Beverly Family Trophy TI, Gregg Marston
Commodore Faith Paulsen Trophy ETOILE, Anne Kolker
Offshore Youth Challenge Trophy SWIFT, Kyle Briggs
Kingman Yacht Center Marion-Bermuda Team Trophy DEFIANCE, Jared Valeske
SWIFT, Kyle Briggs
Bartram Trophy SWIFT, Kyle Briggs
Ancient Mariner’s Golden Teapot Trophy SCARLET, Barry Feldman
Bermuda Ocean Cruising Yacht Trophy ATTITUDE, Shawn Dahlen
New England Offshore Racing Trophy SILHOUETTE, David Caso
Baltic Class Trophy MARGALO, Chip Johns
J-Boats Class Trophy ARIEL, Bob Anderson
Swan Class Trophy ARIEL, Eric Eichler
Adams Bowl SILHOUETTE, David Caso
Deborah Anne Domenie Memorial Trophy BLACK MALLARD, Tracy Day McRoberts
Naval Academy Trophy SWIFT, Kyle Briggs
Town of Marion Trophy ATTITUDE, Shawn Dahlen
Commodores Cup MAHINA KAI, Arthur Wayne Haubner
Bermuda Longtail Trophy MARGALO, Chip Johns
Founders Trophy TI, Gregg Marston
Beverly “Polaris” Trophy TI, Gregg Marston
Navigator’s Trophy TI, Andrew Howe and Chase Marston
Captain Edward Williams Trophy SPIRIT OF BERMUDA, Stuart Birnie
Blue Water Sailing Club Board of Governors Trophy MISCHIEVOUS, Charles Cahill